about motherhood, expat life and being a woman
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I am a mom of four – two boys and two girls, an expat, a business owner, a triathlete and a wife to my incredible husband.

I am originally from Germany but have lived in and travelled to many different countries around the world. Currently I am living in Dubai. I am also the owner of MNFL Design, where I help female entrepreneurs start their dream business with Squarespace website design. I love to stay active and try out new sports and at the moment I love triathlon with the goal of completing a full ironman at some stage. By my side for over ten years I have my best friend and husband Gordon, who is not only the most supportive person I know but also my rock who is just always there for me.

I have started this blog originally as my personal journal to which just my mom and sister had access. I am learning so much from my kids every day, it just amazes me. First I just wanted to write things down so I would not forget about them, my kids can read about them in the future and to just put my thoughts on paper.

In addition I have always been working on myself to become a better mom and be even more loving, kind and calm to my kids as well as stop shouting. Having this journal as my outlet has helped me tremendously in dealing with things that I did which I was not happy about.

Although I have never been the most patient person, I was still surprised by myself and my sometimes impatient reactions which resulted into yelling at my kids.

I tried many different things to stop shouting once and forever and found that journalling and meditation has helped most. As it always helps me to read other moms stories I thought may be my story can help someone else out there so I decided to make it public.

Over time this blog turned into a journal about my journey as a mom, wife, daughter, sister and entrepreneur.

I know exactly how you are feeling

Motherhood is something nobody teaches us. We learn on the job and by copying our parents or other people we know. And it's a hard job. On the one hand we have so much love in us that we never thought we could ever feel. We do things for our kids we thought we would never do for anyone. We give and give without getting anything in return but the knowledge that our child loves us and we love her. We rise up to occasions we never thought we would be capable of (it starts with childbirth) and we constantly go to our limits. However we also behave or do things we don't want to do - without knowing why. And even though we might not like how we behave or what we do, we do it anyway, when being sleep deprived and under stress with hundreds of things to do. I know... I have probably felt exactly like you sometimes.

I know what it's like to juggle all the things, to be totally tired and exhausted, I know the feeling of guilt that you don't have enough time for your child or are not there in important moments, I know what it feels like when the day does not have enough hours, when you think you are the only person on the planet dealing with these things and when you have this desire for just an hour by yourself and just lie in bed doing nothing.

We are all a different but overall these feelings seem to be the same with so many moms.

Having only lived abroad since I had kids I also know how it feels like to raise kids in another country and without family or close friends around.

These are the topics – and so much more – I want to write about. It makes me feel lighter and I hope that one day my kids will read this and understand me as a mom and person a little better. And may be it will help you to read from another mom in some way or another :-)

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Things I love:

I love life, traveling, design and every thing beautiful, being active and of course my family.

Things I value:

I value honesty, integraty and true friendship and I always try to be positive.

My motto always changes but at the moment is is: She believed she could so she did!

Things on my bucket list include:

Travel around the world with my husband and children for a few months
Climb the Machu Pichu
Live a few months in Paris and learn French
Cycle the Hamburg Cyclassics
Travel to Australia - the only continent I have not been to
Spend Christmas in Iceland with the kids
Finish a full Ironman