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9 Essential tips for flying with small kids

As an expat having lived in America and currently living in Dubai, plus we like to travel as much as we can with our four young kids, we have collected a lot of air miles for our family. And I feel  the one thing I really know a lot about is actually how to fly with kids.

As I get asked quite often if I have any tips for flying with kids, I thought why not do a blog post about how to fly with small children and my 9 essential tips of flying with small kids.

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Let’s talk about mom guilt

Guilt - I am assuming all of us moms we have all felt it at some point. Some moms feel it more than others. But I am sure - if you are a mom - you know what I am talking about.

This creepy feeling that is in your stomach and in the back of your head and sometimes brings tears into your eyes. This feeling you should do something that you don’t want to do. Or that you actually want to do but you can’t right now. The feeling of not doing the right thing. This feeling of not knowing what is right. The feeling of being torn in two directions, by others, by our kids but also by ourselves. The feeling of not knowing what to change or how to change it. The feeling of helplessness. This feeling of not being enough. The feeling of not having enough time.

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My thoughts on turning 40...

I recently turned 40… And to be honest I was a bit scared. I did not want to celebrate as I thought it was nothing to celebrate... My initial idea was to just go away with my husband and kids. That did not work out unfortunately and as the big day came closer I realized I would like to have a party and celebrate together with all my friends. It did not matter that it was a round birthday, I just wanted to celebrate - celebrate life. So I planned a party at home in Germany with all my ‘old’ friends who are - although so far away and although I don’t see them regularly - so important to me and so close to my heart.

When I went on my girls trip to Sri Lanka with Akemi - a present from her which was just amazing - I started writing down my thoughts on turning 40. And I turned them into a speech for my friends. Today I want to share them with you and with my kids, my thoughts about aging and turning 40.

Oh, and by the way, the big day came and it was not so scary at all and actually nothing has changed ;-)

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Where is home when your kids grow up in another country?

If you are an expat or have grown up in different places around the world, you might feel the same and some of you will understand me better :-) 

As I am sitting on the plane, flying back to Dubai from a long summer holiday in Germany, I am thinking back of the great time we had, of the great memories I created with my kids, of the quality time we have spent together. I am sitting here with one laughing eye because I am flying home and with one crying eye because I am leaving home...

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Why I started this blog....

This blog will be about my journey. My journey as a woman, a wife and a mom, a daughter, a sister, an entrepreneur and also as an expat. I am writing this blog for myself and for my four children.

I am writing for myself as a diary and to keep track of my ongoing thoughts and learnings. But most importantly I am writing for my four children. I want them to be able to understand me, my beliefs and my dreams and where I come from, what drives me and why I do what I do.

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