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Why and how I did two Half Ironman races

I was never a fast runner or a long-distance runner. In fact, I remember one very long run in particular. It was with my school and I was about 17 years old. We had to run through the countryside and even now I can still see myself doing it. I can still feel the pain. It was that hard for me. I played a lot of hockey and tennis at that time, so I considered myself quite fit. However, many of the other girls, who had not trained and even stopped for a smoke on the way, were faster than I was. Some of them sprinted down the finish line and I really struggled. The next few days I could hardly walk down the stairs. Long distance running always felt hard for me.  Conditioning training with my field hockey team was also always the hardest part of hockey practice. Even so, when I grew up, I kept on running to stay fit, but I was never fast nor did I even consider doing any races, let alone a half marathon. 

Well, it came different than I - or anybody else - expected.. Let me tell you how I actually completed two Half Ironman races many years later.

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