Why I started this blog....

What we can learn from our kids | Emilia Ohrtmann

This blog will be about my journey. My journey as a woman, a wife and a mom, a daughter, a sister, an entrepreneur and also as an expat. I am writing this blog for myself and for my four children.

I am writing for myself as a diary and to keep track of my ongoing thoughts and learnings. But most importantly I am writing for my four children. I want them to be able to understand me, my beliefs and my dreams and where I come from, what drives me and why I do what I do.

What I want to teach my four kids

I want to inspire my kids to believe in themselves, to trust themselves. I want to inspire my kids to know that anything is possible in life - if you just believe in it.

I want to teach my kids to be strong and resilient, to be free, to embrace the world and it’s possibilities and to never give up. Especially not on themselves or their brothers and sisters.

I want them to support each other.

Why I am sharing this

One thing I have definitely learned from running my own business and writing a blog and a weekly newsletter for my business is that I love to help and support other people. So if I can reach and help or even inspire just one other woman or mom with my blog along the way, that would make writing this blog publicly worth it.

I received a very very touching message on my business blog the other day and this was one of the messages which told me to continue doing what I’m doing, to continue to become more open, to share and to write. If this blog only motivates one person like my other blog did to that women, this is worth it!

Being a mom is my absolute passion.

I love seeing these four little humans grow up, develop and find their place in life.

I love helping these tiny little humans develop and become more and more independent and self confident. I love helping them find themselves and - well - just to grow up and live their best possible life.

After having doubted my abilities as a mom many times and wondered why I am so lucky to be a mom of four kids where others struggle to just have one, I have realized over time that these four little angels have come to me for a reason and I am forever grateful that I get to be their mom.

Somebody told me once that you learn through teaching.

My kids have taught me and are still teaching me so much about life and about myself. They are teaching me things that nobody else could have taught me. By wanting to be a good example and by wanting them to develop into good people, I had - and still have - to work on myself. My kids have taught me how to be more patient, to believe in myself more, to be more confident, to be more resilient, to be kinder, to be happier and so much more. And now I am teaching them the same things.

I also realized and only really realized it through my kids that we can’t change anybody. We can just be a good example.

we have to live the way we wish our kids will be when they grow up.

We understand by experiencing and by learning

I think if you are a mom you will understand what I am talking about. And I know that my kids will understand so many things when they themselves are parents one day. I also understand my own parents so much better now, since I had kids.

I am doing the best I can and every day I try to be a better person and be a better version of myself as a mom and wife. However it is not always easy, I am a normal mom, wife and woman. I lose my cool sometimes and shout at my kids, I hate myself for being impatient or not really present, I argue with my husband, I am stressed and anxious. I think it’s all normal in life.

But I have learned to do less of those things and I know I am a better person, wife and mother every day.

I am learning every day and these learnings I want to share and I want to take you along this journey of development and continuous learning.

Time is flying like crazy.

My oldest son just turned 9 and although in some ways these past nine years are so crystal clear in my memory, as if everything happened yesterday, in other ways they are also just a big blur. Another 9 years and he will be 18, which means in Germany he will be officially an adult and probably leaving the house already. I can’t even imagine that.

Before I had kids I could not imagine what it would be like with kids. I have never been a kids person. I was always focused on my career and I loved working and concentrating on my job.

However I somehow always knew I wanted four kids. Or to be more precise I always knew I would have four children one day. I also knew somehow I will have two boys and two girls. I know that sounds a bit crazy but it’s the truth :-)

I also knew I would have my own business one day. And I knew I would live in a place with lots of sun. Both of it also came true. Although I have to admit I was thinking more of sunny southern Europe :-) I didn’t even know where exactly Dubai was before we moved here a little over seven years ago. In total we have now lived outside of Germany for more than 13 years, which is a very long time. But that’s a different story and I will talk about it another day.

Anyway, I believe that if you really believe in something and work hard for it, it will become true.

So with this blog I will take you along my journey of becoming and being a mom, a wife, a daughter, a sister, an entrepreneur and living abroad and away from home for many years.

And I would always love to hear your thoughts!